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Building a Texas for all of us.

In this critical moment in our nation’s history, we have an opportunity to transform our government into one that will represent all of us and tackle the issues that Texans face.

I’m running for U.S. Senate because I believe our state can lead the nation into the future – and it starts with the power of us.

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    Why I’m Running
    for U.S. Senate

    My name is Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez. My mom’s the oldest of nine kids from a farm-working family in Southern Mexico, and my dad’s an entrepreneur from Ohio. They raised me to be a proud Irish Mexican American and I grew up being a part of two very different worlds. That experience taught me that at the end of the day, even if we look different, speak different languages, or come from different communities, we all want the same things – for our families to be safe, healthy, and treated with respect.Cristina Tzintzún Ramírez

    After I graduated from UT Austin, I co-founded the Workers Defense Project and successfully took on some of the most powerful corporations in the state to ensure that hard-working families have good, safe jobs. In the wake of the 2016 election, while I was six months pregnant with my first child, I decided to launch an organization called Jolt to channel the energy of young Latinos by registering and mobilizing them to vote. Together at Jolt, we led campaigns to protect immigrant families, and make college affordable for thousands of Texas students. All throughout my life, I’ve worked hard to fix things that are unfair, to make things right, and to advocate for the interests of all Texans. Now, I’m launching my campaign for U.S. Senate because I want to create a government that truly represents us and solves our state and nation’s biggest problems.

    I’m running because I want to ensure that every Texan has high-quality healthcare, to build an economy that creates millions of good jobs and positions our state as the leader in our global transition towards a green future, to protect the rights of immigrant families and communities of color, and to ensure that every single Texan that wants to go to college can afford it and graduate debt free.

    Cristina and Santiago

    My favorite picture from Santiago’s first trip out to Big Bend.

    I’m running because I have the most beautiful two year old son in the world, Santiago, and when I imagine the world he’s going to inherit, and the one I leave behind for him, I want him to be proud of what I stood up for. What we stood up for together. I want him to know that in a moment where 1 in 6 Texans didn’t have access to healthcare and millions were struggling just to make ends meet, when communities were being pitted against one another on the basis of race, and our world was at the brink of an imminent climate catastrophe, we came together and worked as hard as we could to make his life and other children’s lives like him better.

    Over the coming months, we’re going to build a historic, grassroots campaign to remake Texas, where these ideas are not privileges for a few – but the rights of everyone.

    Along the way, politicians will try to convince us that we don’t have the power to change things. They’ll tell us that our vision is too bold, that our plan is too ambitious. But we won’t back down. We’ll remind them that in Texas, we dream big because we are big.

    This is the future we can build – with the power of us. Let’s do this.

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